One Big Fight!

In the spirit of the UAAP season, we decided to have this week’s challenge “School Spirit”. We have to wear anything that resembles where we were in college. Unfortunately, KC’s leg injury prevented her from having a photoshoot so it’s all blue and white for this post.



Challenge for this week is to include school shirt in our looks. Well, guess what? I have tons of Ateneo shirts in my closet. Being an athlete in college before pays to have free school shirts from different people. The real challenge for me was finding which shirt I should wear for this post.


Let me give you a brief background of what this shirt is for. Two years ago, I once had an idea how we can raise funds for the Ateneo Volleyball Club; thus the Ateneo Open Tournament’s existence up until now. We all hope for its success, but never did we thought that it was going to be THAT successful.

I chose this shirt because it reminds me of what I’m capable of and what a very small idea can become. Of course, aside from that, I found it very easy to match with my favorite black high-waist shorts PLUS the black accessories I already have.


What I’m Wearing:
Ateneo Open 3 CORE Shirt
F21 Black High-Waist Shorts
Lacoste Sneakers
F21 Accessories

Photo 1


For those who don’t know, I practically grew up in the Ateneo. Ever since elementary, I’ve been singing the Alma Mater song. And as a “True Blue” Atenean, of course I wouldn’t pass up this opportunity to wear something for my school. At first, I didn’t know what to wear but then I remembered my look back in college.

Photo 2 Photo 3

I was a sporty kid. I just wear a shirt, jeans, and sneakers and I’m set. My friends could attest to that. Right after class, I would head on over to the covered courts to play some volleyball. That has been my life, every single day for my entire college life. It was my way of getting out from the stress of school.

This is basically how I look like back in college. Nothing too fancy and a bit ready to play. Really simple and comfortable.

Photo 4

What I’m wearing:
Ateneo shirt from high school
Jacket from Uniqlo
Jeans from Bench
Sneakers from Asics


Looking Good Under P2,000


Who said you have to spend so much just to look fashionable? For this week’s challenge, we had to get an entire look and spend less than P2,000. This means that we could buy anything (branded or not) and make sure that we don’t spend over the limit. The outcome? We were able to pull off some smart casual looks for everyone. Wanna know more about the things we bought?

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Denim x Denim Playtime


Denim is actually a trend decades ago and I am very pleased to know that it is actually back in style for months already. Who said you couldn’t pair up two denim clothes together?

Last weekend, I went back to school to attend my organization’s General Assembly entitled Playtime. It has been a while since I last attended an event from Ateneo MISA (Management Information Systems Association) so I decided to drop by and join in on the fun.

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The Look for [Brand]less


Every Tuesday, we’ll be having our Challenge of the Week where there will be a theme and we make a look for that certain week. For our first week, we’re going brandless. Who says we have to get expensive clothes in order to look nice? Here are some outfits that we found that aren’t really branded. Some of which are from bazaars, department stores, and thrift shops. See what we came up for this week:

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